Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Voicebank Updates + NEW OUTFIT?

Hey there everyone! (Funny, I say 'everyone', and no ones even reads this~)

Please keep reading until the end, I've got something interesting to tell you =)

So as you may or may not know, Kurumi's ACT1 voicebank has been under a lot of modification lately, mainly because I'm unable to work on her triphones and I hate being stuck with nothing to do. I've fixed plenty of her samples, added breathing and gasping files... the works! I've decided to call this updated voicebank Version 1.5. If you downloaded Kurumi's voicebank more than a month ago, go re-download it! There's not a huge difference, but I like knowing that everyone is using the same version of her voicebank that I am!

I've changed hosting sites for my uploads! 4shared was being too glitchy, too many people were reporting problems with Kurumi's voicebank that I can only assume came from a faulty download (ex: missing oto.ini, missing samples, certain samples not playing, etc.) I GOT FED UP WITH THIS AND MOVED TO MEDIAFIRE. The new voicebank download link has replaced the old one on all of my Youtube videos, as well as on my Youtube channel.

Also, some happy news! Kurumi's voicebank has been downloaded over 60 times!
Because she's slowly gaining popularity, a lot of people have recently been telling how they "love her voice, but find the character design disappointing." So, this has brought me to realize that it's time for a little change. Not a huge change (I don't want to confuse anyone,) but just a change in outfit. Her physical features will stay the same, her clothing will hopefully change.

So here's where you come in. I'm a pretty bad artist myself, and I'm not so great at coming up with character designs (except for my side-project UTAU, his design is AMAZING~) So I need help! If anyone wants to submit an idea for what Kurumi's new official outfit will be, it would be much appreciated! But her hair and eyes must stay the same!

If you want to send me an idea/picture, PM it to me on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/Yorunai) or deviantART (http://www.kikyuuki.deviantart.com)

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