Friday, April 2, 2010

New Voicebank Update [IMPORTANT]

Hello everyone =]

As you can see, I've finally decided to create a blog for Kurumi. Quite a few UTAUloids have had blogs created for them, and I figured Kurumi was missing out. So here you are~ I probably won't be posting too much here, but what I do post here will be good, like new voicebank updates, song requests, and other related stuff.

By the way, I am officially accepting song requests for Kurumi. If you want her to sing something, just send me a message on Youtube (

Anyways, now down to business. The main reason I created this blog in the first place is because I want to let you all know that Kurumi ACT2 will be coming out. I don't know when, because I haven't actually started working on it yet (other than fixing her oto.ini file,) but you can probably expect it's release in about a month.
Sorry, I'm lazy =]

ACT2 will have an improved oto.ini file, as well as two breath files (she breathes!! O.o) and two gasping files. Since a lot of VOCALOID songs include screaming of some sort, there may also be triphonic files for screaming. These files will be named: br1, br2, gsp1, gsp2. The scream files (if I make 'em) will be called sc will triphonic arrows. I may also replace some of her current sounds, a few of them are a bit off O.o

Speaking of which, another update to Kurumi's voicebank that I will be working on will be tripohones, and that will also be why the contrsuction of ACT2 will take so long. Before a while ago, I didn't know what a triphonic voicebank was or why it was useful, but I recently download Teto's voicebank to take a look at it, so I could try and improve Kurumi's oto.ini. After all, Teto's oto.ini file is extremely well made =] And so now I'm working on triphones for Kurumi.

Finally, ACT2 will include several files for making Kurumi sing in English =] I speak English, so why shouldn't she? The English will probably look a little confusing to the unexperienced UTAU user, but I will write up a tutorial on how to use it once it's done =]

So there you have it. Kurumi's updates-in-progress.

Also, just to let everyone know, I'm currently working on vsqs/usts for Alice in Dreamland and Megurihime Buyouyoku, so expect to see those floating around on Youtube in the future~

Thanks for reading =] If you'd like to download Kurumi's current voicebank, go here: