Friday, April 2, 2010

New Voicebank Update [IMPORTANT]

Hello everyone =]

As you can see, I've finally decided to create a blog for Kurumi. Quite a few UTAUloids have had blogs created for them, and I figured Kurumi was missing out. So here you are~ I probably won't be posting too much here, but what I do post here will be good, like new voicebank updates, song requests, and other related stuff.

By the way, I am officially accepting song requests for Kurumi. If you want her to sing something, just send me a message on Youtube (

Anyways, now down to business. The main reason I created this blog in the first place is because I want to let you all know that Kurumi ACT2 will be coming out. I don't know when, because I haven't actually started working on it yet (other than fixing her oto.ini file,) but you can probably expect it's release in about a month.
Sorry, I'm lazy =]

ACT2 will have an improved oto.ini file, as well as two breath files (she breathes!! O.o) and two gasping files. Since a lot of VOCALOID songs include screaming of some sort, there may also be triphonic files for screaming. These files will be named: br1, br2, gsp1, gsp2. The scream files (if I make 'em) will be called sc will triphonic arrows. I may also replace some of her current sounds, a few of them are a bit off O.o

Speaking of which, another update to Kurumi's voicebank that I will be working on will be tripohones, and that will also be why the contrsuction of ACT2 will take so long. Before a while ago, I didn't know what a triphonic voicebank was or why it was useful, but I recently download Teto's voicebank to take a look at it, so I could try and improve Kurumi's oto.ini. After all, Teto's oto.ini file is extremely well made =] And so now I'm working on triphones for Kurumi.

Finally, ACT2 will include several files for making Kurumi sing in English =] I speak English, so why shouldn't she? The English will probably look a little confusing to the unexperienced UTAU user, but I will write up a tutorial on how to use it once it's done =]

So there you have it. Kurumi's updates-in-progress.

Also, just to let everyone know, I'm currently working on vsqs/usts for Alice in Dreamland and Megurihime Buyouyoku, so expect to see those floating around on Youtube in the future~

Thanks for reading =] If you'd like to download Kurumi's current voicebank, go here:


  1. Hello.
    I am Japanese UTAU Beginner.
    2010/04/05 Subarasiine Kurumi voice Downroad.
    use Expand software"Lhaplus"

    Kurumi's voice "ん"(n)is folder Icon visual
    No Play voice


  2. P.S.
    computer OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
    UTAU ver. 0.2.73

    Where is Kurumi's voice"ん" ??

    (TT)if wrong english...sorry

  3. Hello.

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what the problem is >.< I checked the download and ん was in there.

    Is the file there, and it just won't play? Or is it missing altogether?

    I hope you can understand =]

  4. Response Thank you

    problem is...
    "ん"wav file=folder Icon type

    show my blog

    please click pict

  5. Thank you!!(^o^)
    I read your comment at my blog.


    change decompress software→successful!!
    「ん」voice can play.

    I was persistent user...sorry

  6. It's okay, I'm happy you took the trouble to make it work =D It makes me feel like I did a good job with her O.o;;

    Are you going to make any songs with her? Please send me a link to them if you do, I'd love to see! =]

    Just so you know, I'm going to release her new voicebank sooner than next month~ I'm almost done with it. She sounds so good with triphones~!

  7. (^^;)I am sutudying UTAU software...
    I have yet to make song for Kurumi.
    wish effort me !

    Please wait she debut massege.←long days...?

    I expect Kurumi's renew voice.

  8. Alright, good luck!

    Also, I said that her new voice would be out sooner than expected, but my microphone broke so I need to get a new one. I will post a new entry here on this blog when her new voice is released, with a link to where it can be downloaded =]

    I don't have a specific date yet.